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We’ve noticed a little quirk with the system so we recommend refreshing your screen if you’re unable to see the map/table below right away.

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Looking for information on who is in the social or environmental impact space from a business and funding lens in Texas? Look no further. We’ll continue to add more organizations and companies as you tell us about them. We identify impact as being social and environmental.

There are two tabs. The tab labeled as map is inclusive of entities we were able to locate a physical address for. The second tab is a table inclusive of all the entities we have identified thus far.

The map is divided up by the following: CITY : Reference cities in Texas ONLY CATEGORY : Our Categories are inclusive of

PRIVATE SECTOR : Enterprises (Social Enterprise and Corporate Social Responsibility)

PUBLIC SECTOR : Nonprofits and Government that have commercial enterprise revenue streams

FINANCE : Investment Community Finance

ACADEMIA : Accounting for Universities and other entities providing research etc.

Note: NA = not able to identify


IMPACT AREA - Key Social or Environmental Impact the entity is making an impact in

INDUSTRY - Key business industry your organization is in

We know there are more organizations and companies making an impact in Texas, and if you are one or know of one that should be listed fill out this form and e-mail (texasimpactalliance@gmail.com) it to us. FORM HERE . The organization/company must be in Texas making an impact.

In addition, if your organization is listed and any of the information is incorrect let us know and we can make the updates. E-mail (texasimpactalliance@gmail.com)

This is only part one of the initiative we’ve been working on, part two is the survey. We’re asking organizations in the Private Sector, Public Sector and Finance Community to fill out a survey that we believe will bring value to the Texas impact community. To learn More About the survey Click this Link

We’ve noticed a little quirk with the system so we recommend refreshing your screen if you’re unable to see the map/table right away.

The map has organizations/companies with physical addresses listed on their website. The table shows all organizations/companies with and without physical addresses listed.

Use the table to click on an organization/company and be taken to their website.